Course Curriculum

    1. Introduction to Policy

    1. Lesson 1: Agreement and Definitions

    2. Lesson 1: Quiz 1

    3. Lesson 2: SECTION I - Property Coverages

    4. Lesson 2: Quiz 2

    5. Lesson 3: SECTION I - Perils Insured Against

    6. Lesson 3: Quiz 3

    7. Lesson 4: SECTION I - Exclusions and Conditions

    8. Lesson 4: Quiz 4

    9. Lesson 5: SECTION II - Liability Coverages, Exclusions, Additional Coverages, and Conditions

    10. Lesson 5: Quiz 5

    11. Lesson 6: SECTIONS I and II - Conditions

    12. Lesson 6: Quiz 6

About this course

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Meet Your Instructor!

Paula Fletcher

Paula Fletcher, an Independent Adjuster enjoys teaching the Texas All-Lines Pre-License course to students. To see their faces light up with the true understanding of policy makes her job worthwhile. She knows understanding policy is the foundation of the insurance world. If you do not understand policy, you have failed before you have even begun. Paula has been working along side of her husband, Mike Fletcher in insurance restoration business for over 20 years. She managed the Personal Property/Content department, assessed damage, oversaw crews in the cleaning of structure and personal property. Paula has had the privilege of being an Interpreter for the Deaf for most of her adult life. Paula loves Jesus, family, and new MOCAT students.